of the mitochondrial inner membrane

Last updated 05 Sep 2000

Our group has been investigating the permeability transition of the mitochondrial inner membrane for many years. Special attention was devoted to the following aspects of this problem:

Effect of pro- and antioxidants, role of lipid peroxidation

Role of thiol groups redox state

Effect of calcium and phosphate contents

Osmotic pressure effect

Age-related changes in the mitochondria permeability transition process

Role of ischemic injury

Effect of mitochondria cryodamage and reparation after freezing and thawing

Effect of thyroid hormones

You can see the list of our selected publications on the mitochondrial permeability transition

Recently we have started new long-time project (click it to see details):

Mathematical Modeling of the Mitochondrial Permeability Transition

Click scheme to view

Our present understanding of interrelations of the main processes participating in PT is briefly depicted on the GENERAL SCHEME OF THE MITOCHONDRIAL PERMEABILITY TRANSITION.
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 (scheme is taken from Andrey Anishkin article "Mathematical model of the mitochondrial permeability transition: a systemic approach." (In preparation)).


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