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Mathematical Modeling of the Mitochondrial Permeability Transition

This is an attempt to compile a coherent system of different processes supposed to be involved in the process of Mitochondrial Permeability Transition (MPT). The ultimate aim of the project is creating a working model describing main peculiarities of MPT process and reflecting influence of the most important MPT effectors. Such a model could have a number of applications like:

To keep in order data related to mitochondrial permeability transition
To check whether convenient biochemical explanations consist with experimental data (free radicals effect on MPT, ischemia/reperfusion effect on MPT, calcium paradox etc.)
To predict course of mitochondrial permeability transition in time at different conditions (e.g. time course of MPT at ischemic conditions)
To find out optimal ways for system correction (changing pore opening time, ATP level maintained by mitochondria etc.)

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Our present understanding of interrelations between the main processes participating in PT is briefly depicted on the GENERAL SCHEME OF THE MITOCHONDRIAL PERMEABILITY TRANSITION (scheme is taken from Andrey Anishkin article "Mathematical model of the mitochondrial permeability transition: a systemic approach." (In preparation), see comments here).

The model is strongly based on the biochemical kinetics and the membrane transport kinetics of the processes included into the system. Due to system complexity we use "from simple to complex" strategy for modeling and optimization: stepwise advance from small submodels of simple reactions up to the whole system model.

We've developed BIONT program for behavior calculation of complex biochemical systems with several compartments of varying volume, several charged membranes and multiple membrane transport processes. You can find here more detailed information on this program features and calculation principles:


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