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Surname:                                              Lemeshko

First and middle names:                     Viktor

Sex:                                                        M

Place of birth:                                      Makhmud-Mekteb, Stavropolian Region, Russia

Nationality:                                          Ukrainian

Date of birth (Y-M-D):                       46-10-23

Home address:                                    Cl. 48C, No 66-91, apto. 1102

                                                               Ed. Torrenza III, Medellin

Phone:                                                  +57-4-260 75 75 ext. 327





Institution:                                           Departamento de Fisica, Universidad Nacional de

                                                               Colombia, Sede Medellin, AA 3840, Medellin

Phone:                                                  +57-4-260 75 75 ext. 327

Fax:                                                        +57-4-260 44 89



EDUCATION (Highest degrees)

(University or equivalent)


       Radio-Physics Faculty, Kharkov State University, Ukraine (1965-1970), Biophysicist.

       Ph. D., biochemistry (Scientific Research Institute of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1970-1973).

       Postdoc in Biol. Sci., biophysics (Doctor of Biological Sciences, Kharkov State University, Ukraine, 1975-1983).


Participation in Conferences (the most important from 50):


       IV International Biophysical Congress, 1972.

       Symposium “Molecular and cellular mechanisms of ageing”, USSR, 1981.

       Symposium “Mitochondria, mechanisms of coupling and regulation”, USSR, 1981.

       First All-Union Biophysical Congress, USSR, 1982.

       Conference “Cytochrome P-450 and human inner medium defense” USSR, 1985.

       III Symposium of the International Society for Heart Research, 1986.

       Symposium “Molecular mechanisms and regulation of energy metabolism”,  USSR, 1986.

       International conference “Achievements and perspectives of cryobiology and cryomedicine”, 1988.

       All-Union Conference “Biochemistry for medicine”, USSR, 1988.

       All-Union Conference “Organism’s endocrine system and environmental harmful factors”, USSR, 1991.

       International conference “Achievements of the contemporary cryobiology”, 1992.

       First Ukrainian Biophysical Congress, 1994.

       II National Congress of Gerontologists and Geriatres”, Ukraine, 1994.

       Symposium “Biological mechanisms of ageing”, Ukraine, 1994.

       I National Biophysical Congress of Colombia, 1997.

       II National Biophysical Congress of Ukraine, 1998




Primary Specialty - biophysics

Total time spent on lecturing - over 20 years

Professional Career within the last 15 years

 1984 -    Chief of the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Scientific

                Research Institute of Biology, Kharkov State University, Ukraine.

 1985 -    Head of the Molecular and Applied Biophysics Department,

                Chief of the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Scientific

                Research Institute of Biology, Kharkov State University, Ukraine.

 1987 -    University professor (title) of molecular and applied biophysics

 1988 -    Director of Scientific Research Institute of Biology,

                Head of the Molecular and Applied Biophysics Department,

                Kharkov State University, Ukraine.

 1992 -    Director of Scientific Research Institute of Biology,

                Head of the General and Medical Biophysics Department,

                 Kharkov State University, Ukraine.

 1996 -    Associate Professor of the National University of Colombia, Medellin.



List of persons who have obtained scientific degrees Ph.D. under

supervision of the applicant including the titles of thesis's:


1.     Yu.V.Nikitchenko "Age-depending changes and regulation peculiarity of biomembranes lipoperoxidation in rat liver and heart". - 1985.

2.     Pascal Malanda "Bioenergetic mechanisms disturbances in mitochondria membranes under total ischemie of heart and liver of different age rats". - 1988.

3.     E.G.Dorkina "Lipoperoxidation under tetracicline damage of different age rats liver and its correction by silibore" - 1990. prof. Yu.K.Vasilenko - co-supervisor).

4.     T.N.Ovsiannikova "Lipid peroxidation under air high temperature and physical activity influences on organism" - 1992.

5.     L.I.Belostotskaya "Phosphorylating and free oxidation in liver mitochondria during ageing" - 1992.

6.     N.G.Mironova "Age peculiarities of rat liver mitochondria cryodamage and reparation after freezing and thawing" - 1993.

7.     V.E.Shekh "Age peculiarities and mechanisms of activation of intermembrane electron transfer in rat liver mitochondria" - 1993.

8.     E.A.Udovikova " Structural and functional coupling of rat liver mitochondria under ageing" - 1995.

9.     A.L.Sukhodub "Influence of some xenobiotics on the structural and functional changes of liver microsomal membranes of different age rats" - 1997.

10.  V.N. Dzuba "Age peculiarities of ischemia effect on mitochondrial structural-functional state and lipid peroxidation of rat heart" - 1998.

11.  A.G.Anishkin "Mathematical description and computer analysis of proton-chemical and chemiosmotic mechanisms of energy coupling" - 1999.


State research grants (for the last 8 years):


1.   Elaboration of experimental model of optical-dielectric gauge for determination of blood cells hemo-coagulative properties. (Grant of GKNO of USSR, 1992)

2.   Investigation of lipoperoxidative mechanism of membrane ischemic damage and elaboration of a new membrane protectors. (Grant of Ukraine, Education Ministry, 1992)

3.   Investigation of the role of the outer membrane and high-amplitude swelling of mitochondria in mechanisms of accelerated aging. (Grant of GKNT of Ukraine, 1992, registry. 01.06.02/017).

4.   Investigation of organism ageing molecular mechanism at the level of the Ca2+/hydroperoxide-dependent regulation of structural and metabolic state of mitochondria. (Grant of GKNT of Ukraine, 1992, registry. 5/149).

5.   Investigation of the role of mitochondria metabolic changes in the mechanism of ischemic lipoperoxidative damage of myocardial membranes. (Grant of DKNT of Ukraine, 1994, registry. 01.03.00/215 -94).

6.   Investigation of the mechanisms of age changes in regulation of inner membrane nonspecific permeability and the activity of the outer pathway of NADH oxidation. (Grant of DKNT of Ukraine, 1994, registry. N5.3/325)

7.   Mitochondrial damages under the induction of the inner membrane permeability transition  and prevention by antioxidants. (Project N1118-05-286-96 of Colciencias, 1998-2000, Colombia).


Field of scientific interests:


       Oxidative phosphorylation mechanism, permeability and structural state of  mitochondrial membranes.

       Bioenergetic and biomembrane mechanisms of ageing.

       Lipid peroxidation and its regulation in cells.

       Mechanisms of ischemic damage of biomembranes.

       Monooxygenase system and membrane damages by xenobiotics


List of scientific papers (except thesis's):


1.          Lemeshko V.V.,Gubski V.I., Protsenko V.N. Method for the simultaneous study of respiration and fluorescence of the NAD/NADH system of mitochondria. // Sovremen. Probl. Biokhim. Dihaniya i Klinika. l97l, v. l, p. 132-134.

2.          Gubskii V.I., Protsenko V.N., Lemeshko V.V. Effect of severe mechanical trauma on the state of tissue ox-red reactions. // Voprosi Med. Khimii, 1972, v. 18, N 6, p. 587-591.

3.          Belous A.M., Lemeshko V.V. Comparative characteristics of the action of PEG-400 and glicerole on the functional state of mitochondria . // Akt. Vopr. Konserv. i Transpl. Kostnogo Mozga i Krovi, l972. p. 123-129.

4.          Lemeshko V.V., Belous A.M. Action of the deep freezing on oxidative phosphorylation, respiration and NADH fluorescence of rat liver homogenates. // Akt. Vopr. Konserv. i Transpl. Kostnogo Mozga i Krovi, l972, p. 147-15l.

5.          Lemeshko V.V., Belous A.M. Application of glycerol for prevention affection of rat liver mitochondria under deep freezing. // Ukr. Biokhim. Zhurnal, l974, v. 46, N l, p. l85-l87.

6.          Subbota N.P., Lemeshko V.V. Functional state of mitochondria (in homogenates) under freezing-thawing of slices of renal cortex. // Akt. Vopr. Kriobiol. i Kriomed., Kiev: Naukova Dumka, 1974, p. 90-92.

7.          Lemeshko V.V. Study of the rate of polyethyleneglicols penetration through mitochondrial membranes. // Akt. Vopr. Kriobiol. i Kriomed. l974. Kiev: Edit. Nauka Dumka. p. 58-60.

8.          Belous A.M., Lemeshko V.V., Bonderenko V.A. Influence of freezing-thawing on the rat liver mitochondria chemiluminescence kinetic. // Akt. Vopr. Kriobiol. i Kriomed. , Kiev: Edit. Naukova Dumka, l974, p. 38-41.

9.          Bilous A.M., Lemeshko V.V. Oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria of rat liver under deep freezing and defrostation. // Ukr. Biokhim. Zhurnal. l974, v. 46, N 3, p . 368-37l .

10.       Lemeshko V.V., Chaplai E.V. Activation of glucose-6-phosphatase under freezing in rat liver. // Kriobiol. i Kriomedicine. Kiev: Edit. Naukova Dumka, N l, l975, p. 66-67.

11.       Lemeshko V.V., Belous A.M., Mishneva L.G. Influence of cryoprotectors (glicerole and PEG-400) on respiratory chain of rat liver mitochondria. // Kriobiol. i Kriomedicina., Kiev: Edit. Naukova Dumka, l975, N l, p. 67-70.

12.       Lemeshko V.V. Functional state of rat liver mitochondria at different phases of slow freezing and storage at -25 C. // Biol. Nauki. N 2, l975. p. 56-60.

13.       Bondarenko V.A., Lemeshko V.V., Belous A.M. Effects of different regimes of freezing and thawing on chemiluminescence of rat liver mitochondria. // Ukr. Biokhim. Zhurnal, l975, v. 47, N 6. p. 743-746.

14.       Belous A.M., Lugovoy V.I., Lemeshko V.V., Bondarenko V.V., Grek A.M., Gulevskii O.K Provlemi Kriobioximii.// Bull. AN UkrSSR, l976, N 2, p. 38-48.

15.       Lemeshko V.V., Bondarenko V.A., Suvvota N.P., Belous A.M. Cryodamage and cryoprotection of mitochondria in vitro and in vivo.// Kriobiol. i Kriomedicina, Kiev: Edit. Naukova Dumka, l976, N 2, p. 33-37.

16.       Nardin O.A., Moiseev V.A., Lemeshko V.V. Effects of “the biometals” chelation by poliethyleneglicols. // Kriobiol. i Kriomedicina, Kiev: Edit. Naukova Dumka. l976, N 2, p. 19-21.

17.       Imseneski A.A., Lisenko S.V., Murzakov B.G., Blokhin V.A., Lemeshko V.V. Application of hydroperite in reactions of chemiluminescent determination of iron-porphyrin proteins. // Mikrobiologia, l976, v.65, p. 735-737.

18.       Belous A.M., Lemeshko V.V., Yasaitis A.A. Halidor, l-benzyl-l-(3`-dimethylaminopropoxy)-cycloheptane fumarate as uncoupler and inhibitor of the respiratoty chain. // Biokhimiya, l976, v. 4l, N 5, p. 88l-885.

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