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Bioenergetics and biomembranology

BioThermoKinetics and mathematical modeling


Bioenergetics and biomembranology

Bioenergetics, respiratory chain, microbiology.

M.Yagi Lab's Home Page
Oxidative phosphorylation, Complex I

Y. Hatefi Lab Homepage
Bioenergetics in Mitochondria and Bacteria, CYTOCHROME c OXIDOREDUCTASE

Brdiczka Laboratory
University of Konstanz, Faculty of Biology, Brdiczka Laboratory. Scientific work concentrates on: Energy transfer and signal transduction between mitochondria and cytosol. On this site you can find some great  related educational software.

Graham Palmer homepage
Laboratory is involved in the characterization of two of these enzymes, the ubiquinol cytochrome c oxidoreductase (Complex III) and cytochrome oxidase (Complex IV). The experimental approach depends on the application of spectroscopic and other physical methods, in conjunction with transient state kinetic experiments, to define the structures and dynamics of the species which function in the electron transport, and to a lesser extent, the proton translocation reactions.

Peter Nicholls Homepage
Oxidative enzymes and the bioenergetics of membrane systems, studying catalase and cytochrome c oxidase

Chang-An Yu homepage
Structure/function of membrane proteins; biocatalysis, Q-cycle

Prof. Dr. G. Hauska Homepage
Principles of Energy Conservation in the Electron Transport Chains of Photosynthesis and Respiration

BIOCHEMISTRY AND GENETICS OF RESPIRATION We are investigating several aspects of the mitochondrial cytochrome bc1 complex, including identifying electron transfer pathways within individual proteins by site directed mutagenesis combined with kinetics measurements on a msec time scale of mutated enzymes.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brandt
Complex I

Theoretical Biophysics group
Light Harvesting in Bacterial Photosynthesis

Roderick A. Capaldi Lab Homepage
Research focuses on enzymes of oxidative phosphorylation. With high resolution structures already determined for complex III, cytochrome c oxidase and the F1 part of the ATP synthase, it is now possible for the first time to explore the mechanism of oxidative phosphorylation at a detailed molecular level. Primary emphasis has been to understand the workings of the ATP synthase, also called the F1F0-ATPase.

Andrew Rodgers Home Page
Andrew Rodgers studies the FoF1-ATPase, the enzyme complex catalyzing the terminal step in oxidative phosphorylation and photophosphorylation.

The Thermosynthesis Home Page
Thermosynthesis is a physical theory for the stepwise emergence during evolution of the contemporary biological energy conversion machinery. The basic tenet of the thermosynthesis (TS) theory is that thermal cycling is a major agent in the origin and evolution of life.

BioThermoKinetics and mathematical modeling

JD Lab page
Our lab at UT Southwestern. We study the three-dimensional structures of biological macromolecules with the methods of X-ray crystallography. Among the techniques we use are heterologous expression, purification, crystallization, and mutagenesis of proteins, X-ray diffraction, computational crystallography, and structure analysis. Our interests focus on the following main areas: Proteins involved in energy transfer and electron transfer, proteins using light energy, membrane proteins, membrane associating proteins, chaperonins and proteins with repeating sequence motifs.

George Oster. University of California Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology 
Mathematical modeling of ATP synthase. Bibliography with full-text articles. Software description.

Hongyun Wang's Home Page (Works with G. Oster)
Mathematical modeling of ATP synthase. Bibliography with full-text articles. Links to ATPase work movies - more than 20!!! (in MPEG and AVI format).

Metabolic Control Analysis Research Group (Headed by D. Fell)
The group. News. Introduction. Projects. Publications (New items 18 Feb. 1999). Software. Group members. Links to other control analysis research.

Pedro Mendes Homepage
computer simulation of biochemical processes, protein-protein interactions especially metabolic channeling, enzymology, nonlinear dynamics, metabolic control analysis, gene expression.

Prof. Reinhart Heinrich Homepage
The Regulation of Cellular Systems, Mathematical modeling


Biochemistry and Biophysics department of University of Pennsylvania

studying energy coupling and ATPases